The Story

Before Nightfall follows Grace, a young girl who is determined to find the whereabouts of her missing friend Thomas. However, her village is tormented by a mysterious shape shifting creature who comes at night to devour the townsfolk. A curfew has been put in place to make sure the villagers are not the monster in disguise - if you fail to get back before sundown no one will open their doors to you. On top of this, Grace's parents are becoming increasingly worried about Grace going off alone into the forest with her trusty dog. Can Grace find Thomas and make it back before the curfew and can anyone be trusted in the village of Godwick?


Our film focuses on the difficulties of growing up when you’re on the cusp of adulthood. Suddenly a world you thought you knew so well is thrown into disarray whether that’s by a literal monster or not. Childhood friends start to disappear and the world seems bigger and uglier than ever before. That’s something we believe everyone can relate to whatever your background or century you live in.

Our Cast

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Our Crew

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